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1 of the 4 Principles of Primary Health Care– Community Participation

Community Participation
Community participation is the process by which individuals and families assume responsibility for their own health and of the community they live in.
Community participation ensures the following:
1. Self-reliance and sustainability:
a. Individuals come to know of the health problems of the community and learn the ways and means of overcoming these. They no longer are mere passive beneficiaries of Government aid.
b. They can demand supplies from the administration for health work.

1 of the 4 Principles of Primary Health Care– Inter-Sectoral Coordination

Inter-Sectoral Coordination
Medical care forms only one part of health care. It comes into play when health deteriorates and disease develops.
Primary health care is concerned with health promotion, disease prevention and then management of disease if it occurs.
For achieving this, input from sectors other than health is of paramount importance.
Primary health care requires support of other sectors.


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