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Trans-Fatty Acids (Trans fat)

Cis and Trans configurations are terms used in organic chemistry to depict the 3-D arrangement of carbon atoms across a double bond. Trans-fatty acids (TFAs) are unsaturated fatty acids containing at least one double bond in the trans configuration.
Cis and trans isomers often have different physical properties. Generally, trans isomers are more stable than cis isomers
In nature, most unsaturated fatty acids occur as cis – configuration and NOT as trans – configuration.

NTEP: Supporting Facilities, 2021

Supporting Facilities
National Institutes (3)
• National Reference Laboratories (6)
• Intermediate Reference Laboratories (29)
• State TB Training and Demonstration Centre (STDC)(26):

– Training State workers in TB control,
– Translating educational material in local language
– Technical assistance to STO e.g. quality assurance of sputum microscopy
– conducting Operational research
– AFB culture and sensitivity testing facilities etc.
• Culture and DST Laboratories (42)

Chadah Committee, 1963

• For NMEP
Why the Chadha Committee?
• Malaria used to be rampant in India in 1950’s
– It was the greatest handicap in the socio-economic development of the country
• National Malaria Control Program (later NMEP) was launched in 1953
– to control the extremely high levels of Malaria infections

The program operated in 4 phases
1. Preparatory
2. Attack
3. Consolidation
4. Maintenance: House to house visits to identify fever cases (Vigilance)

Mudaliar Committee

"Health Survey and Planning Committee" 1962
• "Health Survey and Planning Committee"
The system of successive 5-yr. plans
– For organized development of the country –Started in 1951
•As the Second Five Year Plan (1956-61) was ending
– >10 yrs. had elapsed following Bhore committee report
•Guidelines for further development of National health services were needed
– In the context of the Five year Plans
•In 1959, the Government of India appointed another Committee known as
– "Health Survey and Planning Committee",

Bhore Committee

Health Survey and Development Committee, 1946
Appointed by the Government of India in 1943
– Sir Joseph Bhore as Chairman
1. 1. To survey the then existing position regarding the
– Health conditions and
– Health organization in the country
2. To make recommendations for the future development.


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