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Open Vial Policy

Open Vial Policy has been developed to minimise and prevent vaccine wastage under the UIP.
It permits the reuse of partially used multi dose vials of relevant vaccines under UIP in succeeding sessions up to 28 days PROVIDED certain conditions are fulfilled. It is essential that the policy is followed correctly, so as to minimize wastage, adverse effects following immunization and ensuring that the vaccination is effective.
Open Vial Policy is valid for the following vaccines:
• DPT, Td & TT,
• Hepatitis B,
• Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)

National Population Policy – 2000 Made Clear in Brief

Long-term objective/goal: to achieve a stable population by 2045, at a level consistent with sustainable:
• Economic growth,
• Social development, and
• Environmental protection
Medium-term objective: to bring the TFR to replacement level (Meaning NRR=1) by 2010
Immediate objectives:
1. To address the unmet needs for
• Contraception
• Health care infrastructure and health personnel
2. To provide integrated service delivery for basic reproductive and child health care

What is a 'Population Policy'?

A ‘Population Policy’ is the document which lists the measures which the government intends to take, step by step, to achieve the desired change on the country’s population.
It is clear then that the deadlines for achieving the desired change are also mentioned. These deadlines include:
1. Long term goal: the ultimate goal e.g. having an optimal population size and age structure that lead to maximum productivity.
2. Objectives: to achieve the target for each step taken towards achieving the long term goal.


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