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Types of Communication

One – way communication (Didactic method)
• Flow of communication is ‘one – way’
• Examples: lecture, television, radio
• Drawbacks:
– Knowledge is imposed (passive learning)
– Learning is authoritative
– Little participation of audience
– No feedback
– Does not influence human behavior

Two – way communication (Socratic method)
• Both the communicator and audience take part
• Audience may raise questions and add their information, ideas and opinions
• Examples: focus group discussion (FGD), panel discussion, symposium
– Active process of learning
– Democratic process of learning
– More likely to influence human behavior than one-way communication

‘Verbal communication’ versus ‘Non – verbal communication’
Verbal communication
• Traditional way of communication
• By word of mouth
• It is:
– Persuasive; Non – direct or written communication may not be as persuasive as the spoken word

Non – verbal communication:
• Bodily movements
• Gestures
• Facial expressions
• Silence is also a type of non – verbal communication

Formal and informal communication
– Follows line of authority

Informal (Grape – vine) communication
– Exists in all organizations
– It is sometimes more active

Visual communication
• Charts
• Graphs
• Pictograms
• Posters
• Maps etc.

Telecommunication and internet
• Telecommunication: process of communicating over distance using electromagnetic instruments designed for the purpose.
• Examples:
– Radio, TV, internet are mass communication media
– Telephone, telegraph, e-mail etc. are point – to – point telecommunication systems

Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine, 23rd ed

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