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Trans fats in Indian food

Any food items prepared in oils which are partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans-fats.
Examples of partially hydrogenated oils in India:
• Vanaspati ghee
• Margarine
• Bakery shortening/ bakery ghee

In India, a wide range of sweets and bakery use these fats.
Sweets: Gulabjamun, Jalebis, boondi, ladoos, burfi etc.
 Need to check for the fat used in cooking
Bakery: cake, pastry, vegetable puffs, fan, patty, rusk etc.
Readymade food items: biscuits, namkeens etc.
Street food: aloo tikki, Papri, chaaat, bhatura
 Need to check for the fat used in cooking

• Fried street food which is prepared by repeated reheating of frying oil: Samosa, pakora, puri, etc.
 Need to check if repeatedly heated oil used for frying

Others: certain chocolates, soups, salad dressings and some snacks
• Restaurant food is often rich in Trans-fat

Options with low/negligible TFA in India: Desi ghee, butter, refined oils etc.

The practice of reheating the frying oil multiple times is seen even at household levels. This also leads to formation of small amounts of trans-fat in the oil.
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Trans fats in Indian food

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