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Nutrition in an Egg

Mention its nutritive value per 100gm.
• Proteins—13.3 g per 100 g (an average egg weighs around 60-70 g)
• Fat—13.3 g per 100 g
• Carbohydrates—nil
• Energy—173 kcal per 100 g
• Provides all vitamins except vitamin C

Nutritive value in terms of content per egg weighing 60 g
• Proteins—6 g
• Fat—6 g
• Carbohydrates—nil
• Energy—70 kcal

Why egg protein is called the "reference protein”?
• Egg protein contains all the nine essential amino acids (EAA) and in the right proportion.
• NPU of egg protein is 100.

It is rich in which group of vitamins?
Egg is rich in both fat and water-soluble vitamins except vitamin C.
What is the recommended method for consuming eggs? Why?
It is recommended to cook the egg before consumption. This is because of the following reasons:
• Raw egg white is not assimilated in human gut.
• Raw egg contains “avidin” which prevents absorption of biotin by the body. Cooking destroys avidin.

Mention the criteria of a good egg.
• Water density test—fresh egg sinks to the bottom of water and lie on the side, horizontal to the surface of water.
• Lesser fresh eggs sink but stand at an angle to the bottom.
• Old and nonfresh eggs float on water and should be discarded.
This is because as the egg ages, the air sac inside it grows larger, making it lighter.

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