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NTEP: Supporting Facilities, 2021

Supporting Facilities
National Institutes (3)
• National Reference Laboratories (6)
• Intermediate Reference Laboratories (29)
• State TB Training and Demonstration Centre (STDC)(26):

– Training State workers in TB control,
– Translating educational material in local language
– Technical assistance to STO e.g. quality assurance of sputum microscopy
– conducting Operational research
– AFB culture and sensitivity testing facilities etc.
• Culture and DST Laboratories (42)
– Advanced tests such as the Line Probe Assay, Liquid and Solid Culture, and Drug Susceptibility
– located at a few select places in the state
– provide additional drug resistance/susceptibility testing services
• Nodal DR-TB Centre (154): Mx of DR TB
• CBNAAT Laboratories (1180)