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National Iron+ Initiative

• This initiative is to bring together existing programmes for IFA supplementation for:
– pregnant and lactating women and;
– children in the age group of 6–60 months) and
– Introduce new age groups.
• Thus National Iron+ Initiative will reach the following age groups for supplementation or preventive programming:
– Bi-weekly iron supplementation for preschool children 6 months to 5 years
– Weekly supplementation for children from 1st to 5th grade in Govt. & Govt. Aided schools
– Weekly supplementation for out of school children (5–10 years) at Anganwadi Centres
– Weekly supplementation for adolescents (10–19 years)
– Pregnant and lactating women
– Weekly supplementation for women in reproductive age
• A conscious effort has already been made under WIFS programme to position the supplementation positively in order to reach out to both boys and girls and ensure compliance. IFA tablet has been made blue (‘Iron ki nili goli’) to distinguish it from the red IFA tablet for pregnant and lactating women

6–60 months 1ml of IFA syrup containing 20 mg of elemental iron and 100 mcg of folic acid • Biweekly throughout the period 6–60 months of age and
• De-worming for children 12 months and above. Through ASHA Inclusion in MCP card
5–10 years Tablets of 45 mg elemental iron and 400 mcg of folic acid • Weekly throughout the period 5–10 years of age and
• Biannual de-worming
In school through teachers
For out-of-school children through Anganwadi centre (AWC)
10–19 years 100 mg elemental iron and 500 mcg of folic acid
• Weekly throughout the period 10–19 years of age
• + Biannual de-worming In school through teachers and for those out-of-school through AWC Mobilization by ASHA
Preg. &
lactating women
*100 mg elemental iron and 500 mcg of folic acid 1 tablet daily for 100 days, starting after the first trimester, at 14–16 weeks of gestation.
*To be repeated for 100 days post-partum. ANC/ ANM /ASHA Inclusion in MCP card
Women rep. age (WRA)
100 mg elemental iron and 500 mcg of folic acid weekly throughout the reproductive period (through ASHA during house visit for contraceptive distribution)

ASHA to be suitably incentivized for provision IFA supplements to beneficiary
Apart from this therapeutic regimens have been developed for the above groups. These are to be given if anaemia is detected

Weekly Iron and Folic acid supplementation (WIFS) programme for adolescents
 Also known as WIFS-Blue campaign.
 Nodal agency- Ministry of H&FW

 Adolescent girls/boys enrolled in school, 6th- 12th std. (Min of Education)
 Adolescent girls not enrolled in schools (Min of Social Welfare)

 IFA tablet to target population on weekly basis on a fixed day (Monday) for 52 weeks.
 Biannual deworming (February and August)

Guidelines for Control of Iron Deficiency Anaemia; Adolescent Division Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India, 2013

National Vitamin A Prophylaxis Programme:
National Iron+ Initiative: