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Methods of Communication - Mass Approach

Meant to educate the whole community
• Useful in transmitting messages to people even in remotest places
• Number of people reached is in millions
• High returns for the time and money involved
• One way communication
• Generally inadequate in changing behavior
• Useful for creating a political will in favor of health, raising health consciousness of people

– Most popular
– Useful in creating awareness and forming opinions
– One way channel

• Radio
– Broader reach than TV in developing countries
– Purely didactic medium
– Cheaper tan TV
– Local health issues may be given importance

– This fast growing media holds large potential for health communication
– Health related literature from WHO other agencies is available online
– This info is available on the website of MOHFW

– The most widely disseminated of all forms of literature
– Low readership in rural areas
– Reach only the literate

Printed material
– Magazines, booklets, pamphlets
– They can convey detailed information
– Can be produced in bulk for very little cost
– Can be shared by others in family and community

Direct mailing
– New in India
– Sent directly to opinion leaders like panchayats, village leaders etc
– A kind of personal mass media

Posters, billboards
– Intended to catch the eye
– Message must be simple and artistic
– Motives such as humor and fear are introduced into posters in order to hold the attention of the public
– Placed where people have some time to spend e.g. bus stops, railway station, heath centers
– Should be frequently changed to have an effect

Health museums and exhibitions
– There is a big element of personal communication through workers who explain each item on the exhibit
– Printed literature is often distributed
– Both personal and impersonal method combination

Folk media
– Keerthan, katha, folk songs, puppet shows
– These have roots in our culture

Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine, 23rd ed

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