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Maternity Cycle and Prematurity

Maternity Cycle and Prematurity
Stages in the maternity cycle:
I Fertilization
II Antenatal (or prenatal) period
III Intra-natal period
IV Postnatal period
V Inter-conceptional period
Intra- uterine stages:
a. Ovum – 0 to 14 days
b. Embryo – 14 days to 9 weeks
c. Foetus – 9 weeks to birth
Premature infant – Born between 28 to 37 completed weeks of gestation
1. Extremely preterm – <28 weeks
2. Very preterm 28 – 32 weeks
3. Moderate to late preterm – between 32 to 37 weeks
Full term - >37 weeks of gestation
stages after fertilization
why MCH:

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