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Epidemiology: Blinding in Experimental Studies

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Single blinding: when the patient does not know if he/she is getting the drug or placebo

Double blinding: where the patient and the dispensing doctor also does not know whether the patient is getting the drug or placebo

Triple blinding: where the patient, dispenser and the person analyzing the data also does not know the identity of the groups as the ‘therapy’ or ‘placebo’.

Steps in Investigation of an Epidemic:
Tests of Significance:
Monitoring and Evaluation:
Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Control Studies:
Advantages and disadvantages of cohort study:
Basic Concepts in Epidemiology:
Types of Epidemiological Studies:
Differences between Case – control and cohort study:
Uses of epidemiology:
Blinding in Experimental Studies:
Evaluation of a Screening Test: