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Epidemiology: Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Control Studies


  • Easy to conduct as no follow up is required
  • No attrition, as no follow up is needed
  • Gives faster results
  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable for rare and newly identified diseases
  • More than one risk factors can be studied simultaneously
  • Ethical problem lesser as disease has already occurred


  • The study depends upon the history given by the subject. Hence recall bias can occur
  • Sometimes finding and appropriate control is difficult
  • We can only establish an association between the disease and the risk factor as we don’t know what occurred first
  • We can’t know the incidence hence can’t calculate the relative risk (RR) directly from a case-control study

Examples of case-control studies:

  • Study of Reye’s syndrome
  • Study of adenocarcinoma of vagina
  • Oral contraceptives and thrombo-embolic phenomenon
  • Thalidomide tragedy

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