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Eligible Couples and Couple Protection Rate

Eligible Couples
• Definition: a currently married couple wherein the wife is in the reproductive age (i.e. 15 -49 yr. of age)
• Appx. 150 – 180 eligible couples per 1000 population in India
• These couples are in need of family planning services
• The “eligible couple register” is maintained and updated by the ANM/ MPHW/ ASHA

Target Couples
• Eligible couples who have 2 – 3 living children
• These formed a priority group among the eligible couples
• Now even couples with just one or newly married couples are also considered a priority for family planning services
• Hence the term has now been replaced by ‘eligible couple’ only

Couple Protection Rate (CPR)
• It is an indicator of the prevalence of contraceptive practice in the community
• Definition: the percentage of eligible couples effectively protected against childbirth by one or the other approved methods of family planning
– Sterilization
– Condom
– OCP’s
• NRR = 1 can be achieved only if the CPR > 60%