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Control of diarrheal diseases

Two components of diarrhoeal diseases control
A. Short term
– Assessment and appropriate clinical management of cases
B. Long term
1. Better MCH care
2. Preventive strategies
3. Preventing outbreaks

A. Short term – Assessment of hydration and appropriate clinical management of cases
1. Rehydration therapy,
2. Antibiotics ONLY IF indicated
3. Zinc supplementation and
4. Continued feeding
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B. Long Term Interventions for Control
1. Better MCH care
Maternal nutrition: improvement of prenatal nutrition
• Less LBW
• More nutritious breast milk
Child nutrition:
• Promotion of breast feeding
• Timely introduction of adequate complimentary feeding
• Vitamin A supplementation
• The vaccine against rotavirus diarrhea has been introduced recently in the National immunization schedule.
• Oral cholera vaccines are available, which gives immunity to 50-60% of those who take the vaccine, and this immunity lasts only a few months.
• Measles vaccine prevents measles. Diarrhea is a frequent complication of measles
2. Other Preventive strategies
-Adequate and safe drinking water
-Hand washing with soap before cooking, eating, feeding a child and after defecation, cleaning a child and disposing off a child’s stool
-Private and sanitary latrine for each household (if not possible: at least 10 meters away from water source)
- Fly control
-Health education - About Breast feeding, complimentary feed, clean drinking water, sanitary disposal of excreta and hand washing
3. Preventing outbreaks – Surveillance and Control Programs for Diarrheal Diseases
Indicators of Diarrhea Control:

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