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Common Vegetable Oils used in India

What is its caloric value?
Caloric value of all oils and ghee is 9 kcal per gram or 900 kcal per 100 g.

How is it different from hydrogenated oil?
• It contains good amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, both, MUFA and PUFA.
• It is also rich in essential fatty acids (EFA).
• Hydrogenated oils have mainly saturated fatty acids and they are poor in EFA.

Mention its advantages over hydrogenated oil?
It has higher content of MUFA and PUFA and is richer in EFA.

What are essential fatty acids?
EFA are those fatty acids which cannot be synthesized by human body but are needed by the human body.
Hence these must be supplied in the diet.

Mention some essential fatty acids.
• Linoleic acid
• Linolenic acid and
• Arachidonic acid
• Eicosapentaenoic acid

Which vegetable oil has been known to be contaminated and resulting in disease?
Mustard oil

Which contaminant of mustard oil is well known?
Argemone oil

Which disease results from consumption of contaminated mustard oil?
Epidemic dropsy

Which toxin in argemone oil is responsible for epidemic dropsy?

What is the caloric value?
900 kcal per 100 g

How is it different from other vegetable oils?
It contains predominantly saturated fatty acids, whereas most of the vegetable oils contain predominantly unsaturated fatty acids.

Name another vegetable oil which is rich in saturated fatty acids.
Palm oil

Why it is not recommended for obese and cardiac patients?
This is because it contains high amounts of saturated fat.

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