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Common foods that may contain trans-fats:

• Vegetable shortening
• Certain microwavable popcorn
• Some margarines
• Fried fast food
• Bakery items prepared using vegetable shortening, bakery shortening or margarine e.g. cakes, pastries, muffins doughnuts
• Non-Dairy Creamers
Non-dairy creamers are intended to replace milk in hot beverages.
In past, these were prepared from partially hydrogenated oil, but some companies have replaced TFA with healthier oils
• Potato chips
• Corn chips
• Some sweet pies contain trans-fat in the crust. Read the label
• Some brands of pizza may contain TFA especially frozen varieties. Read the label
• Canned frosting: the main ingredients are sugar, water and oil. This oil may be partially hydrogenated one. Read the ingredients in detail even if label mentions ‘0’-Trans-fat.
• Crackers: Industry has been lowering the TFA content of crackers over time. Some brands may still contain them. Read the label

Trans Fatty Acids (Trans fat):

Is there any other source of dietary TFAs?

How to Limit the Intake of Industrial Trans-Fat?

Some Common Foods Containing Trans Fats:
Trans fats in Indian food
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