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Chadah Committee, 1963

• For NMEP
Why the Chadha Committee?
• Malaria used to be rampant in India in 1950’s
– It was the greatest handicap in the socio-economic development of the country
• National Malaria Control Program (later NMEP) was launched in 1953
– to control the extremely high levels of Malaria infections

The program operated in 4 phases
1. Preparatory
2. Attack
3. Consolidation
4. Maintenance: House to house visits to identify fever cases (Vigilance)

• A special organization was established for the first 3 phases
• The ‘Maintenance’ phase: the responsibility for the activities was to be passed on to the General health services of the country in 1964

• Chadha committee was appointed
– To identify the arrangements for this important hand over of the maintenance phase

• Chadah committee
• Appointed by the Government of India in 1963
– Under the Chairmanship of Dr. M.S. Chadah.
– The then Director General of health Services
• To study the arrangements necessary for
– the maintenance phase of the
– National Malaria Eradication Programme

The Committee recommended
• ‘Vigilance’ operations under NMEP
– Should be the responsibility of the general health services i.e.
– Primary health centres at the block level.
• Vigilance operations included:
– Monthly home visits to identify fever cases
– To be carry out through separate workers
– The ‘basic health workers’.
– One basic health worker per 10,000 population was recommended.
• The Basic health workers were seen as ‘multipurpose workers’ i.e.
1. In addition to malaria vigilance, have duties of
2.Collection of vital statistics and
3.Family planning
• The Family Planning Health Assistants were
– To supervise 3 or 4 of these basic health workers.

From the district level upwards:
– The general health services were to take the responsibility for the maintenance phase
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