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Actual Case Presentations by M.B; B.S students - Links

MBBS Case Presentation: Pneumonia

MBBS Case Scenario: Acute Breathlessness

MBBS Case Presentation:Anemia

MBBS case scenario Chest pain/MI

MBBS Gastro Case Presentation

General medicine case discussion:Aortic Regurgitation

General medicine case discussion:Neurology case presentation

Upper GI Bleed MBBS Case Discussion

Infectious Disease Case Discussion: Meningitis

MBBS case discussion: GI case discussion

Emergency Medicine case discussion:Acute abdomen

MBBS case discussion: Nephrotic syndrome

Emergency Medicine Case Discussion:Dengue

Emergency Medicine Case Discussion:Acute Flaccid Paralysis

Ante-natal Case Presentation:

Lecture on 'Making of a MBBS:
Lecture in HINDI on Making of MBBS:

Links for clinical training videos:
Actual Case Presentations by M.B; B.S students - Links: