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Dietary Counselling for Under-5 children: Guide for Health Workers

WHY, Dietary Counselling?
• SAM = Severe Acute Malnutrition
• MAM = Moderate Acute Malnutrition
• Under-nourished children (MAM & SAM) have serious consequences
– Increased morbidity and increased risk of infections
– Increased mortality
– impaired physical and
– Impaired cognitive development, compromised IQ even in adulthood
– Develop into stunted adults
– Increased disease even in adulthood
– SAM is potentially life threatening as associated with complications

Infant Feeding Advice

Early initiation of breastfeeding; immediately after birth, preferably within one hour

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life - give only breast milk; not even water should be added

Timely introduction of complementary food beyond six months along with continued breastfeeding

Mosquito Breeding Areas in Households

Some common places to check for water accumulation are as follows:
Inside the house
• Desert coolers
• Flower vase
• Potted plants
• Water tanges, cisterns, and other stored water
• Old cans, tires, coconut shells, bottles lying in open, etc.
Around the house
• Puddles and roadside ditches
• Open drains
• Cess pools
• Soakage pits
• Old non-functioning fountains, bird baths, ornamental pools, etc.

Iodized Salt

What are the levels of iodine in the iodized salt at the production and the consumption level?
• At the production level—Not less than 30 ppm (parts per million)
• At the consumption level—Not less than 15 ppm

Name the regulation under which these levels are fixed.
The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006

Nutritional Value of Common Cereals


Which group of food it (milled rice) belongs to.

What is its protein content?
Protein content of milled rice is around 6.8 g per 100 g.

What is its caloric value?
345 kcal per 100 g

What are the limiting amino acids in it?
The limiting amino acid is lysine even though its content is higher in rice as compared to other cereals.

Nutritive Value of Milk

Write the nutritive value of cow's milk?

What is pasteurization?
Pasteurization is heating of milk to such temperatures and for such time period which is sufficient to destroy pathogens present in milk but leads to minimal change in the composition, flavor, and nutritive value of the milk (WHO).


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