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Why Special Health Services for Mother and Child (MCH)?

The following considerations have led to the formulation of special health services for mothers and children:
1. Considering utter numbers, mother and children comprise a major portion of the population
• In India,
o Women of child bearing age (15 – 45 yrs.) constitute 22.2%
o Children under 15 yr. of age, comprise about 35.3% of the total population
o Together they constitute, nearly 57.7% of the total population (71.14% of the population of developing countries)

6 Steps of ‘Skin Pinch’ Test for Assessing Dehydration

This skin pinch tests is an important tool for testing dehydration.
When a child is dehydrated, the skin loses elasticity.
To assess dehydration using the skin pinch:
1. ASK the mother to place the child on the examining table so that the child is flat on his back with his arms at his sides (not over his head) and his legs straight. Or, ask the mother to hold the child so he is lying flat on her lap.

Disease Registry

For lecture on sources of health information click:
• A registry is basically a list of all the patients in the defined population who have a particular condition.
• It is different from ‘notification’ where the case is reported and is counted once.
• A register requires that a permanent record be established
– that the cases be followed up and


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