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This is another scale for calculating the social class and is based on the monthly per capita income of the family. It has five classes (as seen in the Table below).
Table: Dr G. B. Prasad’s Social Classification Scale (1961)

The latest income group can be calculated from the online tool available at: as explained above after entering the latest CPI-IW.
Therefore the new ranges of per capita income per month for Prasad’s scale based on CPI – IW of November 2017are as shown in the following Table
Table: Recalculated Ranges of Per Capita Income Per Month for Prasad’s Scale (Nov 2017)
Recalculated Ranges of Per Capita Income Per Month for Prasad’s Scale (Nov 2017)
Prasad's scale is can be used for both urban and rural area of the country.

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• Kuppuswamy's SES Scale for 2018, Online Tool: Available at: ; accessed on 31st January 2018

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