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Mosquito Breeding Areas in Households

Some common places to check for water accumulation are as follows:
Inside the house
• Desert coolers
• Flower vase
• Potted plants
• Water tanges, cisterns, and other stored water
• Old cans, tires, coconut shells, bottles lying in open, etc.
Around the house
• Puddles and roadside ditches
• Open drains
• Cess pools
• Soakage pits
• Old non-functioning fountains, bird baths, ornamental pools, etc.

The water collections should be visually inspected for the presence of mosquito larvae and pupae.

How do mosquito larvae look like? see here:

If mosquito larvae are spotted in the water, report as ‘mosquito breeding site’.
If no larvae are detected yet, report as ‘Potential’ mosquito breeding site.